Multsoft Australia

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About us

Multsoft Co. is specialized on farming Softwares development. With its 20 years of experience, the Company has developed many projects focused on the Bird and Swine market, and in the last 15 years Multsoft has also worked with Cattle, starting from embryos transferences of elite flock until commercial flocks and confinements.

With all this knowledge, and strong presence in the national and international market, the company has extended its focus also to Ovine and Caprine markets, and in the last three years the company launched its first farm software.

Nowadays, Multsoft dominates the global technology of cattle control, genetic markers and the availability of any information to the final consumer.

The Multsoft staff is composed by specialists on technology of the information. All members are ready to act on the various farming segments, and to listen to the needs of any farmer, always searching for the best alternatives to enhance your business.

The technology of the information contributes decisively to product food with sustainability and high performance.

Our mission is to promote the welfare of our customers and partners, turning them more competitive by the production of healthy and trustable food, apt to feed the entire world with sustainability.

Multbovinos is the most complete and flexible Software of farming management. With 15 years of continuous enhancement, we act in all levels of the agribusiness, starting from the automatization and control of each activity on the field, until the most strategic level of your business. This is the only software available in three different languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish), acting in Brazil, Latin America, USA and Australia.

Focus in the Agribusiness Sector

Since our foundation, in 1987, the MultSoft dedicates projects to it in the agribusiness sector, for which it developed its line of systems:

  • Control and management of and cattle (MultiBovines), in the segment of animal production;
  • System of management for laboratories of Biotechnology.

Congregating Abilities

To offer softwares adequate to the reality of the businesses and still capable to optimize its performance is not task for an only professional.

Therefore, the MultSoft works in partnership with customers, centres of scientific research, companies of farming products, embryo centres, veterinarians, agronomists and animal scientists.

Our products are superior because these sources of knowledge add values of all. The investments with research and development arrive 40% of the prescription of the company.

Searching for the Best ones results

With sixteen years of performance, the MultSoft can be proud to have an ample experience in administration of processes of production and reproduction of different animal species. But as all day a new demand appears, is always developing new concepts and pointers.

It is our duty to anticipate information that satisfies the necessities of our customers.

Basic Module

Animals supply

  • Entrance: Births, purchases, devolutions, etc
  • Exit : sales, loses, loans, etc
  • Changes on automatic areas
  • General flock view
  • Integrated to the financial area


  • Artificial Insemination, Breed Season
  • Clinical management: exams, diagnoses and treatment
  • Hormonal therapy (with protocols)
  •  Ability to show up reproductive description files

 Animal sanitary

  • Definition of the Sanitary program
  • Individual sanitary control
  • Dosage calculations
  • Costs and supply integration (optional)

Weight and measures

  • Control any kind of measures
  • Calculate daily gains, corrections and projections
  • Imports on any kind of scale (Developed specifically for each case, with no additional costs, if we still don’t have it)

Elite Module

Communications to Breed associations

  • All associations (Developed specifically for each case, with no additional costs, if we still don’t have it)
  • All the documents
  • Automatic sequences

Exposition control

  • Scores (category, championships, weight, exams and judgments), Ranking

Communication to enhancement genetic projects

  • Automatic exportation of data
  • Evaluation results` import
  • All enhancement programs (developed specifically for each case, with no additional costs, if we still don’t it)

Biotechnology Module

Embryo Transfer

  • Optimization on the use of the recipient cows: natural and conducted rutting (PGF/TETF).
  • Collecting embryos: super ovulation, evaluations of the donors and collected embryos.
  • IVF: (In Vitro Fertilization) Aspiration, semen preparation, production and maturation of embryos.
  • Embryos transferences: standard, double, bipartite, and sexed (semen and embryos)
  • Results of transferences: Pregnancies test, embryonic deaths, aborts, pre-birth deaths, sells, etc.
  • Automatic collections.

Donors and Recipient Cows Centers

  • Optimization on the use of the recipient cows: natural and conducted rutting (PGF/TETF).
  • Embryos entrances: owners, laboratories, origin and type.
  • Animal movement
  • Automatic collections, personalized by client
  • Commercial reports for rendering of accounts

Administrative Module

Financial and costs

  • Plan of accounts and costs centers
  • Automatic costs centers shares
  • Receiving and paying bills
  • Cash flow and Account bank control
  • Capital assets management and patrimony
  • Evaluation of results: operational, financial and economic.
  • Documents: sells contracts, billets and receipts.
  • Pastures and improvement costs: material, employees and machines.
  • Machine costs: parts and services versus realized services.
  • Individual costs of an animal


  • Budgets and analysis of the last purchases
  • Recommendations, approvals and allowances to buy.
  • Integration to material supply and debits
  • Emission of purchase documents


  • Material entrance
  • Material exit: application/consume, sells and loses.
  • Integration to the financial sector
  • Automatic convert of units


  • Nutrition set up
  • Control of ration consume and leftovers
  • Consume previsions, weight gain and alimental conversion.
  • Plan of selling.
  • Analysis of the results: origin, race, suppliers, regimes, etc.
  • Integration to the  raw material supply and financial sector

Customer Relationship Management

  • Classifies contacts by categories/types, situation and profile
  • Register of all relationships occurred by processes, events, situations, kinds of relationships, situation and responsible.
  • Follow-ups
  • Sends mass e-mails to specific group.
  • E-mail marketing.

Optional Module

Synchronizing farms

  • Data import and exportation among many MULTBOVINOS
  • Data synchronization on animal levels
  • No need of online connections (ou network)

Corral Module

  • Data collection directly at MULTBOVINOS during the work in the corral.
  • Adequacy of each corral event according to its necessity.
  • Compares decisions used to allow or hinder undesired steps.
  • Electronic identification lectures.
  • Integration to electronic scales.

Milk control

  • Several individual measures and weights
  • Groups of – automatic changes
  • Corrected weights, lactation curves, projection 305 days, accumulated production, etc.
  • Drying
  • Ability to show up demonstrative files.

Traceability Module

  • Comunication With  NLIS